Monday, September 24, 2012

Cute Free Halloween Printables!

Just found these adorable free Halloween Printables from BHG!  They have a bunch but I thought I would show you these.....

Fun Pumpkin Decor (I love this because your pumpkins will last alot longer without being cut)
Hope you are having a fun Fall so far!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun Fall Games for Kids

Anyone doing any fun fall parties this year???
Look at these fun FALL GAMES FOR KIDS!!  This would be perfect for a kids fall birthday or even for a fall carnival for school!!  The ideas are from Martha of course!!
 Fun balloon dart game in the shape of a pumpkin!
 The classic donut from a string game!
 Love this.... pin the face on the pumpkin!  Let kids take turns pinning a part of the face on the pumpkin!
 Gourd Bowling!!  Love this too!!
Another classic but one of my favorites.... bobbing for apples!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Excited for Fall!

 HAPPY FALL....well, in a week!!
Wanted to share some things with you today!  Isn't this a fun wreath?  It is a wreath my sister made for me a couple of years ago.... But today I added some fall-ness to it so I added the little pumpkins I picked up at Walmart and some left over orange ribbon I had laying around.  I love the simplicity of it, perfect for my black door!
So yesterday I told you I had a freezer meal day with 4 friends.... it was AWESOME!!!!  I ended up with 9 meals!  I found this great blog that has many different freezer to crock pot recipes that ALL sounded so DELISH!!!  But I only chose 3 to start with.  We did the roast with veggies and can I just say it looks gorgeous in the bag!!!  (Sorry no died and I had to get the bags into the freezer!!) we also did the brown sugar chicken which when put together smelled so good!  And last we made the turkey, apple, cheddar meatballs which also look scrumptious!!  Go to her blog and look at all the recipes she has! Can't wait to try more!!
Just want to say that I am so excited for this new season of FALL!!  I also look forward to blogging once again :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches!!

Hi!!  So after a 6 month break I am back!  Today 4 of my friends got together and did freezer meals and freezer treats!!  We made these ice cream sandwiches!  They are simple to make......... Store bought cookies, some ice cream and any topping of your choice!  So I say they are homemade because I put them together but they are made with store bought items :)  My kids will walk in the door from school and INHALE these!  These are perfect for the last little bit of warm weather before the fall....well, actually they are good anytime!!  I will post about our freezer meals tomorrow!