Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Re-creating a shirt...

So I LOVE Mini Boden kids clothes but I can't afford them!  I was looking on their website the other day and I seriously just love their designs for little boys clothing!  It is sooo cute and fun and very colorful!  I saw this tractor shirt and fell in love with it and thought I bet I can re-create that and so instead of paying $25 for their shirt, I paid $4 for a Target L/S shirt and used some scaps of fabric that I had lying around, drew the tractor on paper, used fusible webbing and did this.....

Mini Boden's shirt

And my rendition.... not perfect, but I like it and it looks really cute on my little man!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Idea for a Birthday Cake!

So my #3 turned 11 yesterday!  I asked him what he wanted on his birthday cake and he said Michael Jordan...  I thought, oh gosh how am I going to draw Michael Jordan on a cake??  So I started thinking.... what if I could find a picture of Michael Jordan and and use my cricut to cut it out and use the "stencil"? (the part that is left on the mat once you peel off the actual cut piece)  So that is what I did!  I layed the stencil right on the cake and then sprinkled black sugar over the stencil and it came out pretty good and most importantly HE LOVED IT!!!!!
Sooooo if you own a cricut, you can do this too!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little facelift for a bedroom....

Here is a REEEEELY cheap and fun idea to give your room a little facelift!
What started out as a boring taupe colored wall with nothing on it has turned into a fun bright eye-catching arrangement!  All you need are cheap frames with no glass and some spray paint!  I did find the mirror in the middle at our local Habitat for Humanity Home Store and it was an unattractive cream color that I spray painted turquoise.  It was only $5!
I love how everything ties in together with my bedding! The bedding is Amy Butler that I happened to find on clearance at TJ Maxx!  I made the Euro sized pillow cases out of Amy Butler fabric.
These colors have really lightened up the room sooo much!    It is very cheery and fun!

Im linking up to Show and Tell Friday with My Romantic Home and Five Days Five Ways!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentines is just around the corner....

Valentines is coming up fast!!  Cant believe it!!  Here are some fun things you can do for the big day!!  The top picture is of some garland I made out of felt in the shape of hearts and hung over a mirror in my family room!  Love the bright colors!  All I did was sew continuously down the middle of the hearts.....SOOO SIMPLE!!  The other 3 pics below are from my pinterest so go there and then you will find the links to all of these PRECIOUS Valentine ideas for your kids to give!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have you done your January organizing??


So how many of you have been immersed in what I call THE NEW YEAR ORGANIZING OVERHAUL??
It seems like every new year I see all of these beautiful magazines on the racks that are filled with the BEST organizing ideas and tips and it makes me want to race home and dive right in!! Well I usually do... but find that when I am done I STILL HAVE A TON OF STUFF!!! Where does it come from????? I honestly go through rooms in my home several times a year decluttering and it feels SOOO good to get rid of stuff! I realize I am a sucker for yard sales and thrift stores but now I have to REALLY love something to bring it home. I think that has helped a little ;) My husband loves to come into my craft room and look around and say WOW you have so much stuff, I wish I had a room all to myself! I just smile at him and tell him thank you for allowing me to devote a room to create in! But hey, the computer is in there so technically there's a smidgen of room for him too! :)
Hope the above pics are inspiring to you!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sooo back to blogging....

So I have decided to get back to blogging! What is my deal with taking months and months off? Life, I guess.... :) So today I have been playing around with the design of the blog and can't decide if I like how it looks. I think I do but don't be surprised if there are more changes! I want to focus on children's things on this blog but I also want to touch on home projects and other fun things! So look forward to some good stuff coming!
Just want to say
THANK YOU to all of my followers out there! It is so fun to see that number grow!!