Thursday, February 23, 2012

Need a little cuteness for your laundry room?

Having 5 children means I pretty much live in this room!  So why not make it pretty??  I would have taken a pic of the whole room but there are piles of laundry I am in the process of doing so you only get to see a small section of the room for now, he he :) 

This is the shelf that sits right above the washer...the good ol' fashion top loader....  I found these baskets at a yard sale for a buck a piece (woohoo)!  I keep the downey, shout, wrinkle release and dryer sheets in these.  Works great and they look cute too!  Then I found the large metal green container at Tai Pan (love that place) and the flowers are my FAVORITE EVER...peonies!!! They are left overs from my niece's wedding a few years ago!  Aren't they gorgeous?  They look real huh!
Ok and the chalkboard above is one I made out of an old cupboard door!  I had it hanging somewhere else in my house FOREVER and was getting tired of it there so I plopped it above the washer and LOVE it!  I also love having my laundry soap in my huge clear jar.  It just looks better than a big huge ugly box sitting up there!
Below are more pics of everything...............
What are your laundry rooms like?

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2busy said...

I love it! My laundry room has pretty much ZERO character. It isn't very big and doesn't have a window, so I really don't spend time in there except to load and unload...

Don't you love it when you can redecorate with things you already have for like $0? I did that with my living room recently. It's a good feeling.

Janessa said...

My laundry room is in combination with my main bathroom - old house! So finding ways to spruce it up is challenging. I've recently painted that section, upgraded to front loaders, and painted the cabinet above them. I removed the doors from the cabinets and was thinking about sewing a curtain to soften the look. So many projects! :)

Love your look - and your ideas. It was so nice meeting you and I've really been enjoying your blog.

Joanie said...

So my love when are coming to fix your mumsies laundry room to look as lovely as yours. I LOVE it!!!
You clever little thing.