Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have you done your January organizing??


So how many of you have been immersed in what I call THE NEW YEAR ORGANIZING OVERHAUL??
It seems like every new year I see all of these beautiful magazines on the racks that are filled with the BEST organizing ideas and tips and it makes me want to race home and dive right in!! Well I usually do... but find that when I am done I STILL HAVE A TON OF STUFF!!! Where does it come from????? I honestly go through rooms in my home several times a year decluttering and it feels SOOO good to get rid of stuff! I realize I am a sucker for yard sales and thrift stores but now I have to REALLY love something to bring it home. I think that has helped a little ;) My husband loves to come into my craft room and look around and say WOW you have so much stuff, I wish I had a room all to myself! I just smile at him and tell him thank you for allowing me to devote a room to create in! But hey, the computer is in there so technically there's a smidgen of room for him too! :)
Hope the above pics are inspiring to you!!!

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