Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun Idea for a Birthday Cake!

So my #3 turned 11 yesterday!  I asked him what he wanted on his birthday cake and he said Michael Jordan...  I thought, oh gosh how am I going to draw Michael Jordan on a cake??  So I started thinking.... what if I could find a picture of Michael Jordan and and use my cricut to cut it out and use the "stencil"? (the part that is left on the mat once you peel off the actual cut piece)  So that is what I did!  I layed the stencil right on the cake and then sprinkled black sugar over the stencil and it came out pretty good and most importantly HE LOVED IT!!!!!
Sooooo if you own a cricut, you can do this too!!

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2busy said...

Good thinking! My husband would LOVE that cake.