Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cute Valentine Ideas!!

Here are some really cute Valentines Day Ideas (from Martha... of course) that your kids will love!!!Homemade Heart Doilies

If you want to see some really fun Valentines Clipart from Martha click here!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love love love chalkboard paint....

Chalkboard paint is truly one of the greatest inventions ever!!! I love it and have used it for many projects! We got this dresser from our friend for free and I am using it in the baby's room.... Well, I could not remember what I had in each drawer and so I thought CHALKBOARD PAINT!! All I did was put painters tape on each drawer to make a rectangle and then just painted inside the box! (The more coats the better) I really have to say that the tape is not my favorite thing to work with because paint always leaks through as you can see in the up-close pic but perfection is not what I am good at anyways so I think it just adds character to the dresser!! (So does the piece missing from the top of the bottom drawer ;) - to be fixed soon)

Do you love chalkboard paint too??

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY fun cheap bird mobile

So I needed to make my little Max a mobile..... he seems to love the bright colors so I used the felt that I posted about the other day and came up with this this little number (with help from some other bloggers out there) I loved this idea for the red beads!! I actually had some red wooden bead garland from Christmas about 3 years ago...so I just cut it and wrapped it very tightly around the embroidery hoop I had picked up from a thrift store. I think I am going to paint it red however... Then I just used red embroidery floss to attach it to curtain clips found at IKEA and then clipped those to the tops of the birds made from the felt. Found the pattern for the birds here!!!

Very simple but super bright and fun!
TOTAL COST: About 5 bucks!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cute Cheap Valentine Decor!

BH&G always has great cheap ideas for decor for the holidays! So I had to take a peek at what they had for Valentines Day since it is the next holiday coming up!!! Here are some super cute and easy things to do!
Hearts A-Flutter
Cascading paper chains enhance a lamp shade or chandelier. Fold a long, narrow strip of paper accordion-style, then horizontally (for safety reasons, use paper that's treated against heat). With a pencil, sketch a heart pattern, extending it slightly beyond the paper's edges so that the hearts will stay attached when you cut them out. Use scissors to cut the outline of each heart pattern; unfold. Secure chain to lampshade with transparent tape.

How cute is this??? Just put candy (nonpareils) in a glass votive and put a candle in it!!!
Love the simplicity of this one!

Same with this one! Loving the simpleness of it!
Just taking cardstock and wrapping it around a cake plate and adding some fun festive ribbon around the paper! So cute for a centerpiece!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here are some more projects I finished with the fabric...

Fun Floor Cushion! The floor cushion from Living with Punks! Oh my gosh it was soooo easy and I even made it a little easier because I didn't use the piping (because I am one who wants to get things done really fast) I love it even without the piping!! She has a GREAT tutorial that is so easy to follow!

I am thinking I want to make more of these in bigger sizes!!! I think it would be pretty easy to figure out how to enlarge them.... we will see if I can get to it!

Here is a fun pillow I made from a Martha idea!! Love how this turned out too!
Click here to make one for your little one!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I love polka dots and felt!!

So almost two months have gone by again since my last post!! Where does time go? I will say this..... having another baby has been the most amazing thing ever but ohhhh my, I forgot about the sleep deprivation!! I look like I am half dead every day and I have those lovely dark circles under my eyes! But we love him sooooo much and enjoy every minute with him!! Every time I jump on the computer I hear his little noises and need to go and get him! I am trying to hold my little Max as often as I can since this time will pass quickly! So needless to say.... the blogging has been put on the back burner for awhile!
Hopefully I am back now (well at least for a little bit ;)
I got these fun fabrics from fabric.com (LOOOVE THAT PLACE) and am doing some great projects with them!!!
Polka dots and bright colored felt..... two of my most favorite things!

I had to lay out the fabric and put the cutest thing on the earth on it first and snap some photos of him! Don't you love love love???

Here is the first project I made yesterday.... I recovered a rocker for Max's room that my sweet friend brought over to me that used to be solid pink!! I am loving the new look! What do you think?
I also am making a children's floor cushion that I found on the adorable blog LIVING WITH PUNKS!
I will post when it is finished!