Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love love love chalkboard paint....

Chalkboard paint is truly one of the greatest inventions ever!!! I love it and have used it for many projects! We got this dresser from our friend for free and I am using it in the baby's room.... Well, I could not remember what I had in each drawer and so I thought CHALKBOARD PAINT!! All I did was put painters tape on each drawer to make a rectangle and then just painted inside the box! (The more coats the better) I really have to say that the tape is not my favorite thing to work with because paint always leaks through as you can see in the up-close pic but perfection is not what I am good at anyways so I think it just adds character to the dresser!! (So does the piece missing from the top of the bottom drawer ;) - to be fixed soon)

Do you love chalkboard paint too??

1 comment:

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