Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And still no baby!

Well I am a bit shocked that this little one inside of me has not made his grand entrance into the world yet! We thought he was coming the beginning of last week! I have gone into full blown "NESTING" around here which is a good thing but I tell ya.... my patience is being tested! I really hope it happens soon! My belly is just growing day by day! My kids are freaked out every morning when they see me! They say... "You are still here?? Why are you not in the hospital yet??" I just keep telling them, well I guess he isn't done baking yet! Here's hoping that his timer goes off soon!! :o)

Had to leave you with a very cute Halloween owl that you can make to hang up either outside or inside!! Isn't it the cutest thing ever??? I love owls!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

STILL NO BABY.....................

No baby yet! The contractions have basically come to a complete stop! My mom has had her bags packed for almost a week and is just waiting for me to call her... I think maybe he is waiting for tomorrow! 10-10-10!!! Wouldn't that be fun to have that as your birthday? We will see...
Thought I would show you what I would like to make before he gets here.... aren't those middle booties with the green and orange so cute???

Have a great Saturday!! Hope you are getting ready for Halloween :o)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BH&G Halloween Cuteness!!

* BEWITCHING TREAT - Witch Canister
*HAND FROM THE GRAVE - Mummy Wrapped Hand
*AN EERIE GLOW - Ghost Luminaria
* TERRIFYING TOWELS - White Towels w/ (cute) Scary Transfers
Check out these cute things!!! I love to head over to BH&G to see all of their fun things for Halloween!! These caught my eye.... I think kids would go ga-ga over these!! As I type this I am sitting here waiting for this baby to arrive! We thought he would come the last two nights and NOPE.... NOTHING! Contracting like crazy, dilated to a 3, 70% thinned (as of Monday) and NOTHING!! So we are really hoping for tonight! Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How about some delish Halloween treats............

Loving these yummy tempting treats on Martha!! Sooo cute and yet look scrumptious!!! Try one or try them all for your little ones!! Ice Cream Sand "Witches"