Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Halloween Projects the last couple of days....

Have you seen the magazine racks lately??? Does this wreath look familiar? It is the wreath on the cover of Women's Day Mag right now and when I saw it I fell in love and had to make it!!! SOOOOOO cheap to make! I am not going to say it was a fast project but well worth the time I put into it! You start off with a foam wreath about 16 inches and cover it with black duct tape. Then start gluing the candy corns on changing directions every new row! Tie it with a ribbon of your choice and you are done!!! I hung mine from a really really old window I have hanging in my entry and it looks super festive and cute!

The other day I showed a similar triangular banner but made with fabric.... well as I was looking through my fabric stash I didn't have enough black and orange so I decided to use some Halloween paper I had from Stampin Up that I had never opened up. I just cut a triangle pattern from some cardstock and then cut all of the papers. I then had some black satin ribbon laying around that I folded in half and sewed to the top of the triangles in a big long line!! It too is hanging in my entry and I love how it turned out!

And here is the Halloween banner I made as well. I showed this the other day as well but it said TRICK OR TREAT instead. I didn't have enough letters to say that so I did Halloween instead! Also in the directions of how to make this it said to use newspaper as the backround but I had an old book that I tore the pages from and used that instead. Then I cut black cardstock with pinking sheers and attached bright green glittery letters to the black paper. The book paper is folded over a piece of twine that I hot glued. It was really easy to make and makes for a fun statement when you walk in our home! You may be able to click on it and see more details....


Monday, September 27, 2010

I told you I love Halloween.... more decor cute-ness!

I am telling you... every year I grow to love Halloween more and more! I just love to decorate with orange and black and make yummy things for my kids and my most favorite thing of all is the changing weather!!!
I am sticking close to home because I think this baby is wanting to come a little early.... I only have about 3-3 1/2 weeks left or so but things are starting to progress already so I am finding fun things to make while just sitting and taking it easy. I will share with you some things I made today on tomorrow's post!

Friday, September 24, 2010

More fun Halloween decor.............

I am in the Halloween mood now.... I just need the weather to cool down to about 65 degrees and it would be perfect! I am acutally enjoying the last remaining warmer days because I know they wont last long...... but I can't wait for the sweater and scarf weather around the corner!! Found some more kee-ute things to do for Halloween that I know your kids would love to help with!!
Are you already starting to decorate for this fun holiday??? I am ready to head into my scary place (the garage- not so clean right now) and dig out my goods for Halloween!! WOO HOO!

By the way if you are looking to buy a banner rather than make one.... please head on over to my sister's ETSY store and check out the one she made that is for sale!! It is ADORABLE!!!!

Very Cute Pennant Bunting

LOVE LOVE LOVE the simplicticness (dont know if that is how you spell that) of this!!! And how cute to hang it outside!

Fun Treat Bags on a Tree


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cute Halloween Craft Ideas.....

Again, I have to apologize!!!! What is my deal, why can't I post more often??? I guess I have been busy getting ready for this new little man to arrive! Can't even wait :o)
I have been looking for new and fun Halloween ideas on the internet today to share with you and found some pretty darn cute things!! Here they are....