Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simple DIY project ~ Silhouette Animal Prints

So I have been looking for some really cute pictures to put in my baby's room.... you know trying to get things done before he arrives :o) Well I was flipping through pages of one of my "100 decorating ideas for $100 or less" magazines (which by the way is AMAZING) and stumbled across this adorable picture of a framed elephant silhouette up on a wall!! I thought.... I could totally make this!!! Soooooo here is my tutorial on how I made them!
I found these cheaper than cheap frames at Walmart for $2.50 (8 1/2 x11)

Spray painted them pure white spray paint (purchased also at Walmart for about $3)

Then I hunted around the internet for FREE animal silhouette clipart and found many websites and then just chose my favorites which were.... hippo, elephant, whale and a giraffe! I then printed them off!

Since I dont own any kind of light machine that I could easily trace from I just held up the black silhouette with a piece of white plain cardstock over the top of it up against my kitchen window while the sun was shining and traced it! WORKS GREAT!! Then I cut out the animal with really sharp scissors!

Choose any color of cardstock (this is what you will glue your cut out silhouette onto) Cut the cardstock down to how you want it sized....

Then place your colored piece (with attached animal) onto another piece of pure white cardstock and glue that together. Remember my frames were 8 1/2 x 11 so I just used 8 1/2 x 11 sized white cardstock.

Then put it into your frame and you are done!!!!!

Then hang them in a cute grouping on your child's wall!!

SUPER FUN, SUPER CUTE and most important SUPER EASY!!!
Just have to say too.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet angel girl who is 15 today!!
You have made our lives so much better my Elli Bells and have taught us so much!! We are so proud of who you are and what you stand for!! Hope you love your cowgirl boots :o)
Love, Dad, Mom, Conner, Turner and Landon

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My fun baby shower!!

Last Tuesday night I had the most amazing baby shower ever!! A precious friend of mine, Kim, held it at her house and we had 70 people including children there! I could not believe all of the wonderful friends who came to celebrate with me! I felt so loved! I truly was showered with the most beautiful gifts for this little boy growing inside of me! For those friends who read this blog and came to the shower.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!! It was such a memorable night!! Below are some of the pics from the night!!

My beautiful cake and my diaper cake filled with all kinds of goodies!

The cutest cupcakes that matched the decor!!
A super fun contest to see who could drink the juice from the baby bottle the fastest!One half of the room filled with amazing friends!
The other half of the room filled with the other half of my amazing friends!!

Me opening a super cute gift!

The cute plates!

The next morning in my living room! It was like Christmas morning :o)
Thank you again for making it such a great shower!!