Sunday, August 8, 2010

My fun baby shower!!

Last Tuesday night I had the most amazing baby shower ever!! A precious friend of mine, Kim, held it at her house and we had 70 people including children there! I could not believe all of the wonderful friends who came to celebrate with me! I felt so loved! I truly was showered with the most beautiful gifts for this little boy growing inside of me! For those friends who read this blog and came to the shower.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!! It was such a memorable night!! Below are some of the pics from the night!!

My beautiful cake and my diaper cake filled with all kinds of goodies!

The cutest cupcakes that matched the decor!!
A super fun contest to see who could drink the juice from the baby bottle the fastest!One half of the room filled with amazing friends!
The other half of the room filled with the other half of my amazing friends!!

Me opening a super cute gift!

The cute plates!

The next morning in my living room! It was like Christmas morning :o)
Thank you again for making it such a great shower!!

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baby gifts said...

WOW! I'm so impressed with this shower party!! There are so many great details here. Thanks for sharing.