Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is around the corner.............

I am so ready for spring!! Enough with the snow I say!!! Here are some fun ideas your kids will have fun with to get ready for spring!!!Isn't this fun?? It is called rain painting.... All you need is cardstock and washable markers and some rain! Have your child draw whatever picture he/she wants and then set outside in the rain (or for us...snow) and wait til the colors start to run and then bring inside to dry and hang for everyone to see!!!

Don't you love these adorable lights???? They are called spring bulbs made from plastic soda bottles!! Click here to make them!

How about this DAZZLING BUTTERFLY made from beads!! Too cute huh??

How fun is this little picture?? I found this on a preschool website and I thought it was adorable! For those of you who know the song "Popcorn Popping".... doesn't this remind you of that? All that is needed for this is constuction paper, brown paint and popped popcorn. Just have your child paint a tree with just branches and let dry. Then have them glue on the popcorn! That's it! Simple yet so cute!
Happy soon to be SPRING everyone!!

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