Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great teacher/neighbor/friend treat.....Snowmen on a stick!

So we received our Dec/Jan issue of Family Fun and I knew immediately what I was going to make this year for our friends.......these adorable pretzel snowmen! I tried to find the link to them on their website and couldn't so I will try and explain how I made them............ Here is the list of items needed:
Pretzel rods
almond bark, vanilla flavored or any white chocolate
mini chocolate chips
fruit leather cut into strips
orange gel icing
fruit rings (I used peach rings found at Albertsons)
Gum drops
Melt your chocolate and dip the rods into it and spoon the chocolate over it about 1/4 way up from the bottom. Put them in a row on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Let them harden just a bit and then put on the mini choc. chips for the eyes and the buttons. Add your little amount of orange gel for the nose and then let them harden completely. Once they are hardened you will make the snowman's hat. You need to put a fruit ring over the top of the pretzel and bring it down just a bit and then take your gum drop, I used large ones cut in half, sticky side down and shape it to look like the top of a hat. Then take a fruit roll up and wrap it around the neck and make it look like a scarf!!! I put them into a cello bag and tied with red ribbon! So far everyone has loved them! My kids loved helping me make these yummy treats too!!
Have fun creating lots of fun gifts this year!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


CHECK OUT THESE ADORABLE WAYS TO WRAP YOUR PRESENTS!!! I love them all!! These are from Country Living and Real Simple!
Make Jessica Murnane's Newspaper Bloom
1. Stack eight sheets of newsprint and cut into an 8" square.
2. Accordion-fold the stack into 1" increments.
3. Next, cut four pieces of ribbon to a length of 8".
4. Unfold the paper slightly and rest a piece of ribbon in each crease (if you end up with more than four folds, you'll need to cut additional ribbon).
5. Gather the folds back together and pinch the center of the paper tightly (it will look like a bow tie), binding it with a rubber band.
6. Starting from the top, peel up each layer of newspaper, scrunching it together as you go. Finally, curl the ribbon to make a cluster in the topper's center.

This is simply using a paper punch on some green paper and then making a funky circle out of the paper!!!

How about using an old calendar to wrap with!!

Perfect for a child who loves to jump rope! Tie the package with the jump rope and you have two gifts in one!!

I love this one! Wrap a gift with a shirt! I think this would be cute for a child to give his father or grandpa!
Go here to find this and how to tie it correctly... It is picture 9 of 14.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I just want to say THANK YOU!!


I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have posted anything!! Gosh that is a long time.... I really want to thank you all sooooo much for your sweet and caring comments about the loss of my brother. What a wonderful thing it is to have such wonderful blogging friends that care so much even know we all only know each other through writing! It has been a tough couple of weeks but we are all getting through it pretty well! We miss him so much but have the best memories of him that will carry us through for the rest of our lives!! It is unbelievable that Christmas is only 13 days away! It has snuck up on us so fast this year!! I wanted to share a couple of fun Christmas Cookie recipes for you to try that I found on Martha Stewart........

Darling Stained Glass Cookies

Fun Icebox Cookies

Yummy Surprise Cookies