Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN! (Some last minute ideas for you)

I thought I would share some of our quick and fast costume ideas in the event some of you are still searching for some! Also a quick and fast breakfast or brunch idea that I served my family this morning...
Orange pumpkin pancakes (not pumpkin flavored, just orange colored with an attempted pumpkin shape) :o) Served with black eyes (purple globe grapes) and wormy juice.... (apple juice with gummy worms in ice cubes - I will show you how to make the ice cubes below)

Here it is served on my Halloween placemats...The yummy juice....

Here is what you do for the gummy ice cubes:
First you get a cheap bag of gummy worms and an ice cube tray.
Then you take two or three worms and stick them into the dry ice cube tray.
Last you pour water over the worms and put it into the freezer!!
When frozen pop them out and put into a clear drink of some kind and watch your kids' faces light up!!!
Ok now for the easy peasy costumes....
The one above is my oldest son who decided to look through some magazines for some ideas. He and I found an old Martha Stewart Kids mag and this costume looked perfect! It is as if you are being blown by the wind!! All you need is some hair gel, a tie, some wire and some hair color spray (opt).
I had Conner lay on the counter with his head hanging over the edge so that his hair would fall back a little bit. I then coated it with hair gel and blew it dry so that it was all going back. I then sprayed it with silver sparkle hair spray. We then tied a tie around his neck and took a long piece of wire (about the same length of the tie) and wrapped it around his neck as well and then took the ends and wrapped them with masking tape (so it does not scratch the tie) and put the long pieces of wire down through the tie back. Now you can manouver the tie to the back and make it look like it is blowing in the wind!!
I wanted it to look like his shirt was blowing as well so I decided to put a small pillow in the back of his shirt so that it would make the front pull tight. It looks so real, doesn't it??

And here is my second to youngest little guy, Turner. He was a three headed person!! I, for the life of me can not remember what magazine I got this from!! My other son Conner was this about 6 years ago and it was a hit!!
All you need is some nude colored knee highs or pantyhose, fiberfill, beanie hats, and some eyes, noses and mouths cut out from magazines and some safety pins.
First you stuff the pantyhose with the fiberfill until you get them the size of your child's head. Leave enough of the pantyhose leg (about three of four inches) so that you can tie a knot in the end. Cut the rest off. Then put the hats on and glue your eyes, noses, and mouths on. Connect the hats together, including the one your child is going to wear with safety pins. You can also secure the heads to the hats if you want to by using more safety pins. I then safety pinned the bottom of the heads to my son's sweater and hid the remaining pantyhose down into the sweater.
This is really easy to throw together, super quick and fast! I promise your child will love this and so will all who see him/her!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ok so my amazingly creative sister is doing her VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! And the lucky person gets a set of 12...(YES 12) of these adorable berry wreaths to use for napkin rings, added cuteness on a gift, ornaments, a fun garland, and the list goes on...... You get to choose either red or white!! So head on over the Style Sisters and enter to win today!! I am doing this lovely post for her so that she feels that she may have to give me some for Christmas!! (he he he) :o)
Aren't they just the cutest things ever??!!!
By the way she is selling these wreaths along with some of the cutest banners and baby boots that she made! click here to check it out!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some last minute Halloween party treats (easy peasy)

Tonight is my son's "Fall Carnival" at school and I volunteered to bring a baked good for the cake walk.... A few years back I made some really fun spider cupcakes but I did not have all of the ingredients this year to make them so I made these up. I call them candy corn flower cupcakes. They turned out pretty cute... I just used a box cake mix and store bought frosting that I colored green and purple and then I stuck 5 candy corns on the top with a mini marshmallow in the middle...THAT'S IT!!
Another quick and fast idea.....
The classic rice crispy treats.... I made these for my youngest son's class a couple of weeks ago for his "birthday treat". I made the basic recipe:
3 Tbls butter
4 cups mini marshmallows or 40 lg marshmallows
& 6 cups rice crispies
and then before adding the rice crispies I added orange food coloring to the marshmallow mixture and then added the cereal. I let them cool for just a few minutes and then formed them into balls and pushed a skewer into the ball. (I prefer to use craft sticks that are skinny but I ran out) What I was trying to make were pumpkins... I ran out of time but my plan was to create a face. I was going to use frosting that would harden but my time was limited. So you could do whatever you wanted to create a face or leave them plain. I have hundreds of clear cello bags and so I grabbed 19 of those and put the treats in them and tied them with some really pretty burnt orange colored yarn! The kids LOVED them! It was super fast and a little bit more fun than your basic square cut treats! So if you are having to bring something sweet and yummy to your child's class this next week...try one of these and I'm sure you will get a few smiles!!! :o)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some Halloween Deliciousness!!





Friday, October 9, 2009

Ok here is my inside Halloween Decor.....

Hi! Well.... here is my indoor Halloween decor! I love this holiday and making it extra special for my kids! I love to decorate but not over-do. So here is what I have going on this year.......Love this Halloween banner in my entryway I found at a store going out of business last year! BTW... if you are looking for an absolutely adorable HALLOWEEN BANNER go check out the one my sister (The Style Sisters) is selling on ETSY!!!! And my good friend found me some Aspen tree branches while on a horse ride in the mountains and brought me some!! So I put them into my spooky vase!

Do you love this pillow??!! I got this genious idea from
La-T-Dah (sooooo easy)

A fun little autumn wreath made from cute little hands of my 6 year old!! Just trace their hand 9 times in different colors of cardstock or construction paper and glue together in the shape of a circle and hang where everyone can see it!!

Some fun ghosts we made years ago out of white foam (you know the kind you get at Walmart next to the felt squares) Just simply cut in the shape of any kind of ghost and hang with clear fishing line or clear thread!! My kids loved creating their own ghost!!

Can you tell I love bats! They are so easy to cut out and yet look so cute wherever you put them!! This is just our picture display with some added fall leaves and of course....BATS!

More bats......on our windows!

An apothocary jar filled with gourds!

More AWESOMENESS with burlap! I love this stuff!! Got this adorable banner idea from Everyday Chaos I love how it turned out!!

I found these candlesticks at the thrift store and did not like how they looked so I sprayed them gray for Halloween and topped them with real pumpkins!

I love this! This is an amazing cake plate I found earlier this year at Sam's Club for 9 bucks!! It has a black base (perfect for Halloween). I found the "Spooky" sign at Pier 1 last year at 90% off and the bones at the dollar store! So this year I decided to put them inside the cake plate and I love how it turned out!

Here is what it looks like on our table with a couple of things I have found over the years on clearance! I NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR HALLOWEEN DECOR!!
So there you have it.... my Halloween decor! Nothing spectaucular, but just a little bit of fun!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here is a peek of some of my outdoor decor...

Here is our front door with lots of bats! I just cut them from cheap black cardstock!!
Click here for the template!

Of course our favorite spider ever! I made this years ago. Found it in Family Fun mag! Make it here!
Our skeleton that we have also had for a long long time! Made from PVC pipe and a clorox jug!
This also came from Family Fun. Click here for the know how!

Here is just a plastic planter on a cute red wooden chair filled with dirt and sticks that I spray painted black (well almost black... I realized that once I got out of my garage I missed some of it...but you get the idea) And the bird is a quail that I found at a thrift shop... I tore the little feather off the top of his head and sprayed him black as well! The best part was the guy at the thrift store gave me the bird as a free gift with purchase!! I LOVE FREEBIES!!

Here are our little circle of ghosts! I just used dowels poked into a crumpling of newspaper shaped into a circle for the head and then covered them with cheap Walmart twin flat sheets (I think like 2.96 each), added their faces and tied the necks with black ribbon!! Then I tied the sheets together to make it look like they are holding hands and hammered them into the ground! This is a pic I took last year but I have them around our apple tree this year!!
I will post pics of my inside decor hopefully tomorrow!! So come back and see!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

OOOOHH Look at these adorable Halloween Decor ideas.....

Ok I am dying at the CUTENESS going on here!!!! Found these adorable ideas from Parents Magazine! I am so excited for Halloween this year! I already decorated the front of our house! No one else has yet... (they probably think I am crazy, but I dont mind). I will post the pics of my decor tomorrow!
Spooky Silhouette
Inside, make a spooky family tree by cutting a tree shape out of black paper and affixing "family" silhouettes to the branches. Is that a witch in your family tree?
I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA!!! I think it is because silhouettes are SOOOO popular right now!
How cute is this????
Bend a handle out of thick wire or a clothes hanger and use it to hang small jack-o-lanterns along an outdoor path.

For those who have been following this blog for awhile know that I love felt and when I found this I started grinning from ear to ear!! Dont you think this is just the most adorable witch hat ever!!!! There were no instructions but I think they just covered a basic witch hat with felt and then cut hair and attached it underneath! Looks pretty simple!
Witching Hour
Hang a row of cute felt-covered witch hats on your front porch.

Hope you have fun with these!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cute and Yummy Halloween Treats...

Tonight, I was trying to find a monthly menu planner on Family Fun and had no luck but I did happen to stumble on these adorable things for Halloween... Pear Witches