Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi Everyone!! WOW what a crazy couple of weeks we have had!! All of my kids started school.... I am now an empty nester during the day! My youngest started full time kindergarten and LOVES it! But it is crazy around here. I feel like all I do is drive from one school to the next! I have four kids in four schools so I just call my self the bus driver now. I think I am going to call my car the "Burb Bus" from now on :o) My neighbors say... "we just see you go up and down this street all day!" It is amazing that summer is over.... here in Colorado we never really had a summer. It was very mild weather not reaching 90 degrees hardly ever! But now I can feel the chill in the air telling me that fall is almost here!! I LOVE FALL in every way!!
I came across these fun little ideas for back to school and wanted to share them with you.... Felt Pencil Case

Loving this Roll -up Pencil Case made from a PLACEMAT!!!

Plastic Pocket:
Everyone can use an extra pocket. Stuck to the front of a book, these keep a class schedule in plain view. Look for self-adhesive plastic business-card holders or schedule holders in office-supply stores, and affix wherever you like on the cover.

This cute little Owl Backpack

I hope you all had a fun, playful, happy summer!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thrift Store Chair & Desk Re-Do...all in one week!

Just had to share with you gals a couple of projects that I took on a couple of weeks ago.... First off we needed a small desk to fit on a wall that was only 43 inches wide. Every desk I looked at was way to expensive and WAAAAYY to big, so I decided to check out the fav thrift store and stumbled upon this beauty that was exactly 43 inches across!! I got the guy to come down to 30 bucks and I grabbed it!!! So off I went back home to start the re-do process..... I lightly sanded the desk and painted it a french white and added a basket to the drawer opening that had a drawer that was missing. We superimposed another basket on the right side to show you what it will look like when I find a matching basket!! I found the one at a yard sale for a quarter! (please ignore the lovely wires behind the desk, I have to find a sneaky way to disguise these).
If you like my lamp, I got it for $39 at TJMAXX!! The binders above the desk are just Walmart white three ring binders that I put Amy Butler paper in (just on the front and on the spine) I am loving all of the colors together!! Also the CD holder to the right of the paper is one my sister and I made to match the chair below. I got the pattern out of AMY BUTLER'S "In Stitches" book that I LOVE!!! The finished product!!!

The before pic of the desk.......

I am sure this chair looks familiar.... it is one of those hideous cookie cutter office chairs that you see everywhere. Well I had one that had what looked to be like industrial navy blue carpet stuff that covered the chair seat and back (sorry I dont have the before pic). I had seen a couple of blogs that showed re-do's and I thought ok.... I can do this!! So I took off the back of the back rest and went to town!! It was a little tricky to get it off but I figured it out. For anyone who has one of these, you can too take off the back rest, you just have to look how it is screwed together and take it apart piece by piece. Seriously, it did not take me very long at all to dessemble it! The seat part was SIMPLE PIMPLE!! I just took my fabric and literally wrapped it around the seat and stapled it to the bottom with an electric staple gun!! No one sees the bottom so it is not perfect, but no one knows that ;) I think I am going to find another chair like this one and recover it for my son for his room!
Both of these were super inexpensive projects that can be done for any room in your house!!!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Fun Projects From Some Adorable Blogs....

Well today I was hunting around for some cute ideas for Christmas gifts (I am trying to do only handmade items for my extended family this year...we'll see if I can really pull it off :0) Anyways, I came across these adorable items and had to share them with you! Plus the blogs that each of them came from are so worth checking out!!!!!


Hope you all enjoy!!
Also I hope you are enjoying your last little bit of summer......before sChOoL begins!

Friday, August 7, 2009

~Fun With Rice Crispy Treats~

Sorry I have not been the best with posting lately! We have been out of town twice and have had family here for a week. It has been a busy summer for us but I think it is finally slowing down now and now it is time again for me to post!
I don't know about you and your house but Rice Crispy Treats are a "sweet" staple at ours! I was on Martha's website and found these adorble adaptations of the classic recipe and I am dying to make some!! Look at these fun things and tell me they don't look a little appetizing!
Crunchy Critters

Sugary Ships

Rice Crispy Town:
Powered by candle fuel, little cars with cereal wheels wend their way to the party past hand-drawn street signs and gumdrop trees (their trunks are toothpicks). For hills, cut a wavy diagonal line in cooled mix; stand on serving tray. Top with taffy strips; press fringed glassine "grass" to sides.

Hope these are as tempting to you as they are to me :o)