Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun stuff for teenage girls to make........

Found these fun and relatively simple ideas for you and your teen to make, courtesy of Country Living!! My daughter loves to do crafts with me and I think these will be on the list for sure!!!!!

Bandana Table Runner
( This would be so cute for a teenager birthday party, don't you think?)

Add a cheerful touch to the summer table with this patchwork-style runner. Line up enough bandannas to fit the length of a table, leaving some overhang, and stitch together. To back the runner, cut an old cotton tablecloth (any light-colored one will do) to match its width and length. Sew together along the edges or attach with iron-on bonding.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some very cute totes to make...

Monogrammed Tote
You can monogram a canvas tote without a single stitch. Print the initial as large as possible from a computer, enlarge further on a photocopier, and cut out to make a pattern. Back fabric with fusible webbing, following the package directions. Lay the initial face down on the webbing side of the fabric; trace, and cut out. Center the letter on the bag, and iron on.

So easy to make...I made these for my nieces for Christmas one year!!

Just had to share these cute ideas for totes with you today! I will just call it:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Tuesday.....

It is thundering and lightening like crazy here in Colorado right now!! I really hope the power does not go out as I post this...... I will type FAST!! I wanted to post some cool ideas for bedrooms or any room for that matter and a couple of fun recipes for you to make with your kids! I know that room decor and recipes don't go together but I just thought I would share these fun things I found today!!

Darling Cookies
I am thinking you could make your own dough for these because I know there was a health scare only a few weeks ago regarding refridgerator cookie dough!!!

Bookcase made from an old dresser - GENIOUS!!

Super cute curtain rod!! I thougth this would be so cute in any house!
Hope you enjoy this RANDOM TUESDAY post!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here are more ideas for some summer fun.....

GREEN SLIME - this is a must if you have boys :o)


HOMEMADE TENT - This would be fun to do out in the yard!

Hope you are all finding things to keep the kids busy this summer!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An super cute giveaway from a great blogger!!

Is this not the cutest watch ever??? Well you can win this one called "Watermelon Band" or one that you pick out yourself!! Make it and Love it is hosting this giveaway for Kendee Watches and it ends tonight so hurry over there and enter to win! Also be sure and check out their cute blogs too :o)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More and More Summer Fun Ideas!!

Here are more FUN FUN FUN ideas to do this summer with your kids!! I think we may be doing all of these! I showed my son the canvas checker board idea and his eyes got really BIG! We will definetely be keeping busy for the next few weeks!! Hopefully you will too :o)

Printable Cupcake Flag Clipart

(Just thought these were too cute not to share!)

Super Hero Cape Towel

Canvas Checker Board - I AM MAKING THIS FOR SURE! Wouldn't this make the cutest handmade gift?!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Fun with your kids.......

OK..... checked out Martha's "60 days of summer with kids" and found a plethora of fun and great ideas!! Sometimes it's hard to find what you are looking for on magazine sites so I hope that I make a little easier for you by finding some fun things for you and giving you the direct link! HAVE FUN WITH THESE! I will add more this week!!Potato Print Clothing
Kids Travel Kit

Easy Bird Feeder
The neighborhood feathered friends will love visiting your yard for this homemade treat. Mix peanut butter and vegetable shortening; melt in a microwave for 1 and 1/2" minutes on high. Mix in quick-cooking oats, cornmeal, and flour. Pack mixture into two paper cups, then cool. Remove from molds, and place in mesh bag, plastic clip side down. Secure open end of bag, and hang feeder from branches at a good height above ground.

Some yummy summer treats.... Banana Flowers
Banana FlowersThese enticing ice-cream blossoms are a sweet twist on the boat-shaped banana split. To make a flower, spoon a dollop of sticky marshmallow cream into the bottom of a small, shallow bowl; insert sliced banana petals all around. Add one large scoop of ice cream and plenty of your favorite sauce, then finish as extravagantly as you please.



You know how much I love cupcakes!!!
I am loving these easy BUTTERFLY CUPCAKES