Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you like to scrapbook for your kids???

A great friend of mine just emailed me this link for this fun website called Making-Mini-Scrapbooks that shows you how to make mini scrapbooks out of envelopes, cd holders, paper lunch bags, jean pockets and so much more...... I found this circle book and I am LOVING it! It was made by a woman named Jaine Drake! She has done some amazing scrapbooks!! WOW! I am going to show my daughter how to do it and the she can create these for her friends for their birthdays!! Go and check out some of the fun ideas....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What do you do with all the leftover scrapbook paper? LOOKY LOOKY........

Look at what I found today!!!! I LOVE BH&G's website for their great ideas!!! All these projects use up your little pieces of leftover scrapbook paper! I seriously have a bin that is full of just SCRAPS! I am so excited to try these for gifts for teachers and my children's friends and for decor!
Easy-to-Make Wall Art
Make this easy wall art by using your die-cutting tool to cut multiples of your favorite design in coordinating papers. Leftover stickers that you love also will work. Simply fill the 4x6-inch mat openings in a frame. To make it the perfect gift, choose a theme and color palette that suits your recipient. Your local scrapbooking store may have a die-cutting machine available for use.

Make Something Special for Mom or for your Child's Teacher
Brighten any desk with a funky set of handmade accessories. Mom will love these heartfelt handmade crafts. Easy-to-make, they are sure to be a hit. Wrap a repurposed can with cardstock and a collage photo strip to create a vase for this pen-and-pencil bouquet. For a clean look, apply colorful letter stickers (use your leftovers) to the photo mat in a white frame.

Easy Artwork
Pair clipboards with leftover die-cut shapes for easy-to-do low-cost art. Give the clipboards a makeover with a coat of paint (choose paint designed for metal if you want to cover the clip). Mount die cuts, available in crafts and scrapbooking stores, onto plain cardstock and stitch embellishments with embroidery floss.

Pencil Bouquet
These easy-to-make decorated pencils are a great solution if you need a quick gift. Wrap plain pencils with patterned paper scraps and cover chipboard flowers in coordinating colors. Embellish flower centers with buttons, beads, round stamped images, or snapshots of your child. Add a few ribbons, and the bouquet is ready to be picked! For a yummy looking presentation, display your blossoms in a vase filled with candy.

Clever Clothespin Magnets
Left with lots of scraps of your favorite patterned paper? Top clothespins with the pieces, seal the paper with decoupage medium, and adhere magnets to the backs. Make a coordinated set to give as a gift.


Let me know what you make with your leftovers :o)

P.S. I make tags from my leftovers...I just use some type of punch like a scalloped flower and punch out a tag for a gift!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun Springy Crafts......

Hi everybody! Hope you are all enjoying your SPRING WEATHER! We are!! It may even hit 70 today! YAY!!! I found some fun things for you to try with your kidlets! I know I posted a homemade chalk recipe a really long time ago but I found a new one.... hope it works :o) Here you go........

Painted paper globes.... ( I found some paper globes (really cheap) at my Hobby Lobby) I thought these would be so cute handpainted by little ones and hung over their beds!

Homemade Chalk...

2 qts. plaster of Paris
food colors

Mix plaster of Paris with 1 quart water. Mix in desired color. Pour into paper towel or toilet paper tubes (about 3 inches high). Let dry thoroughly (This may take several days). Remove from tubes and let the kids draw away. (GREAT FOR THE EASTER BASKETS :o)

Foam Caterpillar....... this is so cute!

Hope you enjoy these fun little crafts! More to come later....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adorable bunny garland for you to make......

Not only is this bunny template used for garland but can be used for many other things too like the adorable cupcakes!! I LOVE IT!! I am really loving garlands and I think it would be fun to hang this above our french doors! Here is the link for you... Hope you all had a fun St. Patty's Day today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Basket Ideas.................

Are you already thinking about Easter and what you will give your kidlets??? I am and I thought I would share some things that I have done in the past regarding Easter baskets.... I really do not like the typical baskets that you would find in the large me they are useless and they get shoved into a closet until the following year! Well over the past 13 years I have used many different types of baskets....Let's see, 1.I used silver paint cans which then get transformed into holders for toys... 2.large wicker laundry baskets which then get used for their purpose...laundry or they hold lots of other things 3. Square fabric storage baskets which later hold many toys 4. Plastic pails that now hold crayons and markers. I guess what I am saying is that I try and use baskets that will then be used for something else afterwards. I have used regular baskets before but I try and find cute retangular ones that I can use after Easter. Here are some pics of what I am talking about....

I was looking online for other basket ideas and came across a website that had a list of items that were used in baskets for kids so I thought I would share those with you:

seed packets
McDonald's gift certificates
gel pens
construction paper
birdfeeder kits ($3 each at local farm supply store); I am including a bird sticker book to go with the birdfeeder kit.
Dover thrift books - all kinds, from stickers/coloring books to children's literature, each only $1
dollar store beaded jewelry
nail polish
dollar store perfume
homemade trail mix
peat pots with seeds
card decks
stickers (I've printed some from the internet)
mini photo albums
pocket calendars
change purse
fancy-edged scissors
book of magic tricks
plastic dinos
travel games
My list of things to add to the above:
shop the dollar section at Target
pencils, markers, paintbrushes
art supplies (coloring books, white artist paper)
matchbox cars
dollar bills rolled up and stuffed in the basket (probably for older kids)
apron or cookbook for kids
Anyways, hope you get some ideas and please feel free to share your ideas with me... I love to see what others do too!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anyone wanna make a sock puppet???

I am such a fan of cute sock puppets and I found these on BH&G and had to show you!!! Arent they adorable!! They look pretty easy to make too :o)Gator sock puppet...

Shark attack sock puppet...

Do you have any cute patterns for sock puppets??? I would love to see!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun things for older kids to make themselves.........

Just a couple of fun things for the older kids to make either for a gift or for their rooms!! beaded votive holders

circle bulletin boards for their room..........