Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi Everyone!! WOW what a crazy couple of weeks we have had!! All of my kids started school.... I am now an empty nester during the day! My youngest started full time kindergarten and LOVES it! But it is crazy around here. I feel like all I do is drive from one school to the next! I have four kids in four schools so I just call my self the bus driver now. I think I am going to call my car the "Burb Bus" from now on :o) My neighbors say... "we just see you go up and down this street all day!" It is amazing that summer is over.... here in Colorado we never really had a summer. It was very mild weather not reaching 90 degrees hardly ever! But now I can feel the chill in the air telling me that fall is almost here!! I LOVE FALL in every way!!
I came across these fun little ideas for back to school and wanted to share them with you.... Felt Pencil Case

Loving this Roll -up Pencil Case made from a PLACEMAT!!!

Plastic Pocket:
Everyone can use an extra pocket. Stuck to the front of a book, these keep a class schedule in plain view. Look for self-adhesive plastic business-card holders or schedule holders in office-supply stores, and affix wherever you like on the cover.

This cute little Owl Backpack

I hope you all had a fun, playful, happy summer!!!


JJLanier said...

I love the roll-up pencil case! Using a place-mat is such a good idea. I'll have to look for a cute place-mat at the thrift store.

Amy @ OurScoop said...

Cute ideas! Have you hosted your Ice Cream Party yet? I thought of you when I saw this link and all of the great free downloads!

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Mahmood Ali said...

Your posted SCHOOL CRAFTS looking amazing. i like it.........
Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards
Plastic Business Cards