Sunday, January 4, 2009

With a new year comes ORGANIZATION for the kids!

Here are some fun ideas that I found.... I love the bright colors! At the bottom I have put some pics of what our craft closet looks like. I posted a similar picture of our craft area waaay back when I very first started my blog, so you may have seen it before. Can I tell you how much I LOVE having the shoe holder as a craft holder! My kids love it because they know exactly where everything belongs from glitter to scissors to paintbrushes! If you have any other great ideas please share them with me!! I love new ideas for organizing!

Found this on Design Mom's blog and loved it!!

This pic above is fun because they used many items from the kitchen to organize this space like baking tins, lazy susans, canning jars for pens and pencils and Wilton baking racks for the paper! I found this on Martha, of course!

Here is our shoe holder that hangs on the door of the craft closet which is soooo handy!

Here is our "craft closet" stuffed with all kinds of things for the kids from bins with scraps of felt, to buckets of markers and crayons (LOVE THIS) and cardboard magazine holders from IKEA for paper storage and clear shoe boxes that hold paint, popsicle sticks, Q-Tips, cotton balls and all other kinds of crafty items!


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I opened up our "craft" closet and it became the catch all closet for when we had company. Without my knowledge the kiddos threw everything in there...UGH. Great ideas. :)

Shauna said...

I am on Operation Get Rid of Clutter and Things That Make Me Crazy and this post totally motivated me to keep going!! Thanks, Tiffany!!

Paula said...

I saw your comment on Jen's Balacing beauty... and thought I jump over! WOW! I love your blog! I really needed some organizing ideas for our craft stuff!! LOVE IT!! Thanks

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Fabulous ideas and love the bright colors! You need to post more pics of your house!!

I will be calling you shortly. :)

~aj~ said...

The shoe hanger idea is genius! I will definitely be trying that!

nwasmundt06 said...

I love your storage ideas. The very first picture of the storage unit, that holds the toys. Where do you get something like that? Is it from a website you found, or did you guys make it. I would love to get one for my daughters room. Thanks, Nicole