Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Want to make a children's tea towel apron for about $1??

Look below for instructions...

I LOVE THIS APRON & IT'S MADE OUT OF TWO TEA/KITCHEN TOWELS!!!! I made these years ago when my 12 year old daughter was about 3. (We had NO money at the time and so I needed to be creative with very little money.) I made them for her and for her friends for their birthdays. Nowadays you can find the cutest tea towels/kitchen towels for cheap!! I found these two at the dollar store! If you buy two different colored towels for $1 each you can make two aprons! Here are my instructions:
What you need:
1. 2 different colored towels (preferably two that look cute together)
2. Twill tape for the part that goes around the neck and the side ties or you could use any kind of strong ribbon or use what you have on hand.
3. Small piece of fabric for an initial or any little shape you want to make (like a bird, car shape, flower etc...)
4. Coordinating thread
5. Sewing machine (of course :o)
Now for the fun part...
1. Cut both the towels in half.
2. Determine how big you want to make it and cut down the pieces to the right size. You will need to hem the sides that you cut so it looks nice.
3. Lay it out and pin it together how you want it to look.
4. When you sew the two pieces together make a couple of pockets in the front for paintbrushes, glue, pencils... Make sure you don't sew it across the top of the bottom piece or you won't have any pockets.
5. Add your twill tape to the top and sides. The size of pieces you cut for these depends on the size of your child.
6. Cut a letter or shape out of the small piece of fabric and sew it onto the front of the apron. You can do this by just laying it on the front and stitch a single stitch around the letter or you can use under wonder and iron it on first and then sew around it, it's up to you.
7. Put some fun things in the pockets like paintbrushes and try it on your little one, I'm sure you'll get a BIG smile from them as I did :o)
Have fun and be creative, let me know how you do!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Darling pillowcase dresses...

This is one of the cutest websites I have seen! This woman makes wonderful things for young children including pillowcase dresses. They are darling!!! Look at the one above, a cute halter dress, so adorable! Check out her website for some of the cutest infant clothes and accessories. It is

Friday, April 25, 2008

~Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches~

Would you like to have the best recipe for ice cream sandwiches that your children will devour??? Well, simply go and buy some store brand cookies or more expensive ones if you want, some ice cream and some mini chocolate chips or any other little candy. You simply scoop up some ice cream and put it in between the two cookies and roll in the chocolate chips! We then wrap these in plastic wrap and then put several into a freezer zip-loc gallon size bag and plop them into the freezer! This is truly the easiest treat ever! This was my friend Lori's idea! We have now used this idea and my kids make their own and they love them!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Turner's Junk Art Robot...

So, Turner's school project was to make "junk art" out of things that had been used before.... so we decided to make a robot! We took a goldfish cracker box and a peanut can and covered them with aluminum foil. We then cut slits in the side of the box and put some more aluminum foil folded up into the slits for the arms. We used a paper towel roll cut into two as the legs and taped them on with duck tape. The front of the robot has a piece of duck tape folded over with the sticky side facing up with halves of plastic Easter eggs stuck to the tape. Turner then colored a face with Sharpie markers. We made this in about 10 mins! Not only was it perfect for his school project, it has been a great toy for home as he has not let go of it! He loves having a homemade robot to play with! Thought I would post this for those who may have a little robot running around their house who loves to play make believe!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What you can do with wool sweaters!

There are some really good thrift stores around here and I went in and found some great wool sweaters! I decided to make a monkey and this is how it turned out! I didn't have a pattern, I just kept cutting and sewing and it actually worked! My boys love it. I saw this other blog here where they turned sweaters into beanie hats! I love that idea too, especially for little ones! Although it is spring you can still make hats for next winter. Now is probably a good time to get sweaters cheap at thrift stores! Have a fun day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another adorable craft from Martha...

Aren't these the sweetest little animals? A few months back I bought a really pretty wool sweater from a thrift shop and I cut it up and turned it into a monkey. It turned out really cute and my kids love it! I saw these on Martha's website and I thought how fun to make these for a baby shower gift or for a little one's birthday! Just click here for directions and have fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Science experiments with the kids!

We ordered a wonderful book from an Usborne Book party the other day called "The Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do" and the book just came today and my kids are LOVING it! It is such a fun book with the funnest things to do! We did this great experiment today... Take a Kerr jar or any jar and fill it half way with vinegar, add some food coloring to it and then add some glitter of any color and a squeeze of dish soap to that and stir it all up. Then the volcano begins when you add heaping teaspoon of baking soda to the mixture! The kids loved watching it overflow!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Such a cute baby gift!

Isn't this cute? I found this on Martha under the kids section! I love how it turned out! It is so easy too! I decided to create this truck pattern and I think it is just so fun! Just click here for instructions... In my neighborhood there are 8 women who are pregnant and I think they are ALL HAVING BOYS!! I think I know what I will be making some of them :o)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The best kids organization idea from Martha Stewart Kids...

How do your kids' desks look at home? I know mine have things all over them! What a great idea from Martha and it could not be any cheaper!!! Just click here.It gives you the ideas and instructions on how to make these cool holders out of cereal boxes!! I thought of maybe making them out of Bisquick boxes because they are sturdier, but just a thought! Have fun decorating them with contact paper or scrapbook paper. This is a project that will be done at our house this weekend! Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

DIY children's craft table!

I put this idea on the blog I share with my sister called but I thought I would also put it on this blog too especially because it's for kids!!

Do you need a fun craft table for your kids but can't afford the one you want from your favorite furniture store? Well I came up with this one about two years ago after searching for a table for our kids toy room. ( I didn't want to spend over $60 - I know I am SO CHEAP) So I started to think of how I could make one of my own for that cheap. So this is what I came up with... I got two shelving units from Walmart for about $10-15 each. Then I bought a skinny closet door from my local Habitat for Humanity for $18 (you can find doors at the D.I., Salvation Army or your local thrift shop). Next, I covered the door with a cute blue and white checked twin sized sheet from Raulph Lauren that I had used for a curtain once upon a time. I used an electric staple gun to attach the sheet to the underside of the door. I found some clear vinyl from Walmart that I bought by the yard (you can find this at any fabric store) I put this over the top of the sheet fabric and attached it the same way. I did this because whenever your child or children get paint, markers, crayon or who knows what else on the table you can easily wipe it right off!! You may want to screw the shelves to the underside of the door to keep it from tipping. You are now done!! Just find some cute cheap chairs and put them underneath the table and your kids will be in heaven! They will have a place for all of their coloring books, puzzles, crayons, markers and paint supplies!! They will LOVE THIS TABLE and so will you!!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anyone for a Starburst necklace??

My daughter had a friend in her class who had on a very cool necklace made from Starburst wrappers. She asked her how she made it and she told her that she learned it by watching the demo on So My daughter has made a ton of these and she gets comments on them all the time! So I thought I would put this on my blog for any of you with kids who like to make things all of the time! She says to go to the website and click on "games and stuff" and then a bar comes up with many different things to do and there you will see "starburst jewelry" so click on that and it gives you directions. The only thing is, is that it does not show you how to hook the ends together so she just uses a safety pin to hold the two ends together! Have fun making your necklace!

How to make your little guy a pirate with spending pennies!!

So my son was begging me to make him a sword today! So I went out to the garage and found a cardboard box that I could cut up. I traced a sword shape onto it and cut it out with a craft knife. I then added four cut up sticks (small wooden dowels) to the handle part for added strength and then covered the whole thing with duck tape! Sure, it is not the prettiest sword but he is loving it! Once we got that done he said, "Mommy, now will you make me a hat?" It had been years since I had made a paper hat so I looked online and found directions on how to make a newspaper hat! It was a little big for him so I added some duck tape to it to make it not fall off. You would have thought it was Christmas morning, he could not be happier!!! Oh and for the belt I just used some skinny black fleece fabric I had and I simply just tied it around his waist and that is where he stores his sword like "Capin Jack Sparrow"! Hope you can try this out for your little one!