Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looky what I just found!!

I just found these cute ghosts on Parent Magazine's website but no directions! SOOOO, what I think is that they are done similar to the ones I made (the four ghosts holding hands). They way I made mine was pretty easy! I took newspaper and formed a ball shape and made the head... I then took a 3/4 inch dowel and stuck it into the newspaper...I took a white sheet (these can be found for about $2.96 - $3.96 for a twin flat at Walmart or you can find them at thrift stores too)I wrapped the sheet around the head and then tied it at the neck with black ribbon and then connected several ghosts together as if they were holding hands. I put them into the ground around my microscopic apple tree but if you have a big tree that is even better!! The way they did it (I think) is they took styrofoam balls and stuck dowels into them. It is cuter with the balls but those things are EXPENSIVE!! Also they cut out the eyes with felt or someting... I just took a sharpie and drew faces on mine. It also looks to me like they used cheesecloth or somewhat of a sheer fabric to make the ghost which is cute too! So I guess whatever your budget situation is you can do either.... I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! Let me know what fun things you are doing for Halloween Decor!

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Shauna said...

You're right - I LOVE IT!! Now when can you come decorate my small apartment that is full of toddler clutter?!!? You're the best!