Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So I did some fun little projects the last couple of days...

Here is the baby blanket idea from Martha Stewart.... it was so simple!! I serged the edges and left a about a 3 inch opening to turn the inside out. I then hand stitched the 3 inch opening. I used a plain light blue cotton for the one side and a cute little fire engine/helicopter flannel for the other side The fabrics were purchased at Walmart! I can't wait to make more of these and give these to my friends who are expecting!

Here is how my little tote turned out... I am pleased with it!! Green was the only color of felt that I had alot of, so I decided to make it with a little pink flower on the front to make it girly! These too are easy to make!

Ok now these might just be one of my favorite things to make!! They are tiny baby shoes made out of fleece!! I found a website that had the pattern and they took no time!! These are sized 0-3 mos. Aren't they cute??? Again, black fleece was all I had so I wanted to make a trial pair. They turned out so adorable!! (the pic does not do them justice) I thought how cute it would be to give a blanket and a pair of matching darling little slippers to the expectant mother.... Here is the website for the baby slippers if you are interested! These are all such fun projects that cost next to nothing to make!! So have fun creating and feel free to leave me comments of what you are making!!

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