Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Want to make a children's tea towel apron for about $1??

Look below for instructions...

I LOVE THIS APRON & IT'S MADE OUT OF TWO TEA/KITCHEN TOWELS!!!! I made these years ago when my 12 year old daughter was about 3. (We had NO money at the time and so I needed to be creative with very little money.) I made them for her and for her friends for their birthdays. Nowadays you can find the cutest tea towels/kitchen towels for cheap!! I found these two at the dollar store! If you buy two different colored towels for $1 each you can make two aprons! Here are my instructions:
What you need:
1. 2 different colored towels (preferably two that look cute together)
2. Twill tape for the part that goes around the neck and the side ties or you could use any kind of strong ribbon or use what you have on hand.
3. Small piece of fabric for an initial or any little shape you want to make (like a bird, car shape, flower etc...)
4. Coordinating thread
5. Sewing machine (of course :o)
Now for the fun part...
1. Cut both the towels in half.
2. Determine how big you want to make it and cut down the pieces to the right size. You will need to hem the sides that you cut so it looks nice.
3. Lay it out and pin it together how you want it to look.
4. When you sew the two pieces together make a couple of pockets in the front for paintbrushes, glue, pencils... Make sure you don't sew it across the top of the bottom piece or you won't have any pockets.
5. Add your twill tape to the top and sides. The size of pieces you cut for these depends on the size of your child.
6. Cut a letter or shape out of the small piece of fabric and sew it onto the front of the apron. You can do this by just laying it on the front and stitch a single stitch around the letter or you can use under wonder and iron it on first and then sew around it, it's up to you.
7. Put some fun things in the pockets like paintbrushes and try it on your little one, I'm sure you'll get a BIG smile from them as I did :o)
Have fun and be creative, let me know how you do!

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