Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anyone for a Starburst necklace??

My daughter had a friend in her class who had on a very cool necklace made from Starburst wrappers. She asked her how she made it and she told her that she learned it by watching the demo on www.starburst.com So My daughter has made a ton of these and she gets comments on them all the time! So I thought I would put this on my blog for any of you with kids who like to make things all of the time! She says to go to the website and click on "games and stuff" and then a bar comes up with many different things to do and there you will see "starburst jewelry" so click on that and it gives you directions. The only thing is, is that it does not show you how to hook the ends together so she just uses a safety pin to hold the two ends together! Have fun making your necklace!

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